The Cologne Cathedral is definitely worth a visit enjoy it trying your newly acquired German skills
Cologne Skyline

Information on our German Training


You can choose amongst

  • Online lessons
  • Our city centre office
  • Our home office in Munich Pasing (west) upon request
  • Office hours: Monday to Friday 7 am to 20 pm (latest start) / weekend and public holiday on request (+ 20%)


  • Contracts have a notice time of 4 weeks or may be limited from the start.
  • Cancellation of sessions may take place 2 workdays before appointment to guarantee time for catch up classes within contract duration.
  • Late cancellation or arbitrary absence shall be invoiced without the benefit of any catch-up classes


  • Course sessions are scheduled upon individual agreement
  • One unit lasts 45 minutes
  • A minimum of two (2) units is required to book a session 60 minutes units upon request


  • One unit costs 39 EUR + German VAT (19%)
  • Children tutoring per unit 29 EUR + German VAT (19%)
  • Invoices are served in advance, on a monthly base.


My name is Nora Holl.
I have been managing English Station ( since 2000.
German Station is now part of our portfolio!